A Couple of PSAs for Digital Literacy

Dear Teachers,

This week I’ve created a couple of presentations to gain support for my plan to take over the world to improve digital literacy through student-created content. Those of you who have been paying even a tiny bit of attention to me know that I am quite passionate about this topic, and the more I research and the more I talk to teachers, the more convinced I am that I might be on to something with my crazy idea to have students develop content that will help others develop digital literacy.

The past couple of weeks in my current class, we’ve been learning about education initiatives here and abroad, particularly those that haven’t gone so well. It’s been interesting to learn that a lack of planning and vision have been the culprits in technology failures, not the technology itself. Although I haven’t been able to find too many plans that mirror what I’m hoping to do, the research I’ve done so far certainly backs up the need for such a project. Both of the presentations I’ve created this week are similar in content. The top one is a presentation that I would use if I were presenting live to an audience (for example, to our school board or curriculum coordinators). The script for the slide show is linked below the presentation.

The second presentation is a video that I made using Adobe Spark. It’s always great to have a purpose for learning a new tool, and I am HOOKED on Adobe Spark now, btw – thanks to classmate Chad for suggesting it! I can use this second presentation video to send to teachers who might be interested in participating, or to parents who want to know more about my idea for how CLICK will help improve students’ digital literacy skills, or really to anyone who just wants a three minute overview of what I’m hoping to accomplish. It’s nice to have had the opportunity to put these two different presentations together, because I hope to be publicizing and gaining support for my plan.

Script and Reference List for Slide show

Got any comments or feedback for me regarding these presentations? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

I hope your October has been going well. It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner – where has this year gone?

As always, I am yours very fondly,





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