Developing an Online Course, Part 2

Dear Teachers,

This week I identified all the resources I’ll be using for my plot to take over the world professional learning course on Digital Literacy. I also determined the learning activities I’ll be using in the course, focusing on making them meaningful and relevant to each participant’s particular situation. I want to make the learning enjoyable – after all, the participants will be taking the course during the summer! – and meaningful, keeping in mind both Learning Forward’s standards for professional learning and ISTE’s new standards for educators.  It is a daunting task to pull together in a fairly short period of time all the resources  that will be used over a six-week period, and to organize them all in a way that will achieve my Understanding by Design goals. I definitely have a new respect for online teachers and how much work goes in to designing a course!

I’m excited about how things are shaping up for my course, and I hope that if you’re in my district you might consider signing up! I’ll post another update on my progress next week about this time.





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