Developing an Online Course, Part 4

Dear Teachers,

It was such a short time ago that I knew absolutely nothing about putting together an online course, and after the past four weeks, I can definitely say that I now know somewhat more than nothing! So that’s a win. My classmates and I agree that this has been our favorite class in the Master’s program so far. We’ve been able to design a course that meets OUR particular needs, and it’s been really fun to see how not only my class has shaped up, but also the course that my classmates have been developing.

Now that I have my first online course set up and ready to go, I’ve started to think about what other courses I could put online. The first one that sprang to mind was the Google classes we teach. We tend to get the same questions over and over when we introduce Google Docs, Forms, Classroom, etc. So it would be an easy thing to create a course with one module per Google App, where participants went through the material on their own. We could provide ¬†screencasts of how to get around in each app, our training documentation, and our contact information, and that course could probably run itself asynchronously for any teacher in our district who might want to learn the ins and outs of Google-iciousness. My wheels are spinning!

The other course that I think would be super helpful is one for new teachers focusing on the technology that our district offers. My department gets to spend an hour or so at the beginning of each school year working with the new crop of teachers, but honestly they get so much information from so many people in such a short period of time, I think a course they could refer back to in the first few weeks of the new school year would be inordinately helpful. We have moved some components of New Teacher training online; it would be an obvious next step to package all the information they need in an online course. I definitely need to share my newfound enthusiasm for online courses with my coworkers!

I have one more week in this class, and then I will be two-thirds of the way to my second Master’s degree! Thanks as always for your interest in my journey.




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