On Being an Innovator

Dear Teachers,

I’ve applied (again) to the Google Innovator program. This will be the third time I’ve applied to be an Innovator, although I don’t feel like my first attempt should really even count. My submission that time wasn’t especially innovative, and my dream has evolved quite a bit since that first try. When I submitted the second time, I thought at the time that my application was pretty solid, but in retrospect I can see where there were some big problems with my approach. On that try, I kept everything to myself and didn’t tell anyone I was applying, nor did I ask for any feedback. In hindsight that was a big mistake.

This time I’ve asked for feedback.Although I love it when people just say, “I love your project!” I have to say I most appreciate the people who had gentle suggestions for me, because it’s those suggestions that have helped me make my submission much better than it would have been. The application deadline is March 6, but I started my 9th grad school class today so in the interest of time management I got the application submitted yesterday. My fingers and toes are all crossed because I’d really really REALLY like to go to London in April!

CLICK is my plan to take over the world project for improving digital literacy through student-created content, and is the project I’ve submitted to the Innovator program. Based on my anecdotal observations and my research, I am convinced that digital literacy is an important topic and one that deserves attention. Do your students possess the digital literacy skills and dispositions that they’ll need in the next couple of decades? Do YOU? If you as a teacher don’t know or teach those skills, and the kids don’t have tech-savvy parents, where will they go to learn those digital skills? I’m hoping that CLICK will provide at least a partial solution to that problem.

Here’s the video I submitted:


And here’s the Slide Deck.

If you care to cross your fingers and toes on my behalf, I’d be most appreciative. 🙂




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