About that Google Innovator Thing…

Dear Teachers,

Guess what? The third time really was the charm for me: I was accepted yesterday into the Google Innovator program, for my plot to take over the world CLICK project! It was a whirlwind of a day, between paying attention to all the emails from the Innovator program, the hundreds of laudatory tweets from and about my new tribe (#lon17 and #GoogleEI), and the Hangout chat that kept pinging on my phone. And oh yeah, trying to get my actual job done! I am still a bit stunned, to be honest. I feel like I’m finally in the cool kids’ club (and believe me, I’ve pretty much NEVER been in the cool kids’ club).


Each year, Google hosts no more than four cohort groups, and each cohort has only 36 people in it. Looking at the Google EduDirectory, it looks to me like there are fewer than 1000 Google Innovators worldwide, and I think I’ll be only about the 10th within 100 miles of Dallas. There is one other Texan in my #LON17 cohort, and we’ll be joined by innovative educators from New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Right now, we are all busy getting to know each other’s innovation plans and trying to arrange our travel. From what I can tell from Twitter, I think we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. I know the next month will go by in a flash as we all get ready for what I’m anticipating will be an amazing experience. I’ll keep you posted as to the continuing progress of my newest (and most exciting) adventure!





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