How We Grow into a #DigCitStateofMind

Dear Teachers,

I’ve been thinking, as I so often do, about how my thinking about Digital Citizenship has evolved over time. I’ve noticed some patterns and similarities in the way that I and many other educators have grown in our understanding.

So I cooked up this infographic to try to to describe what I’ve observed. I am hoping it might encourage educators and education stakeholders to grow into more sophisticated ways of thinking about digital citizenship.


[Click image to open infographic in a new window.]
How does this description of stages compare to what you’ve observed? I would love your thoughts about your experiences. Please comment, if you like, to help me improve this infographic.






One thought on “How We Grow into a #DigCitStateofMind

  1. What a great conversation starter, Nancy!

    In the last few years, the integration of G Suite into classroom assignments has helped move #digcit from something taught in isolation (Stage 3) to teachable moments within the core curriculum (Stage 4), whether in response to inappropriate comments students added to a Google Doc while peer-editing an essay or a copyrighted image added to a collaborative slideshow for a science project – and that’s a good thing.

    When students arrive at Stage 5, what a world of possibilities, local and/or global, start to open as they become “change writers” and “digital leaders.

    Thank you for providing a window into “Stages of Growth into a #DigCitStateofMind”

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