I ❤️ Libraries

Dear Teachers,

In another lovely gift from the universe, I have recently been able to return to working with my first love: libraries! It was truly a “right time, right place” opportunity: the previous library consultant (and formerly, the ONLY library consultant that Region 10 ever had!) decided to retire. I seem to be known as “that digital learning nerd who used to be a librarian.” So, it is my great fortune to assume the duties of Library Consultant – and have been so for a whopping 40 days now. I’m seriously nerding out about it!

My summer commitments in digital learning have kept me pretty busy up to this point, but I did my first-ever TexQuest training for a group of librarians this past Thursday. Y’all. I LOVE LIBRARIANS. They are seriously the best humans ever. (No offense to those of you who are not librarians.)

I’ve been scheduling PD opportunities for the fall semester. I’ll be adding additional sessions as they come up, but here is what I’ve cooked up so far. Many of these classes are offered collaboratively with my counterpart at Region 11, and we’ve had a great time putting our schedule together. I totally recognize that it will take some time to get a handle on the wide variety of needs across the area, but I’m hoping this preliminary schedule will offer a little something for a lot of folks.

If you have suggestions for library-related PD, I’d love to hear them. Happy reading, everyone!




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