About Me


I am a former early childhood teacher and middle school librarian, and am beginning my 11th year as an Instructional Technology Specialist. My twin passions are digital citizenship and digital literacy. I am proud to have been a panelist at the Digital Citizenship Summit in October 2016 and to be an associate of the Digital Citizenship Institute. Additionally, I will serve as co-chair of ISTE’s Digital Citizenship PLN for 2017-2018.

Currently working on a Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading, I am combining my passions and my degree plan to create CLICK, a website of student-created videos and other content that will teach basic digital literacy skills (available at https://sites.google.com/pisd.edu/click). I am proud to be a Google Certified Educator and a Google Certified Trainer, and I’m a Google Certified Innovator wannabe. I have presented on a variety of topics at the Region 10 Tech Conference, ASCD-Texas, Texas Google Summit, TCEA, and ISTE.

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I was the first in my department to become a Google Certified Educator, and the first in my school district to earn the honor of Google for Education Certified Trainer. I’m saving a spot for the Google Certified Innovator badge!

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