The Intersection of Technology and Humanity

Dear Teachers, One of the things I most love about being a connected educator is getting to know some really smart people who I would likely never meet in real life. I especially love when I see a particularly smart social media post that really makes me stop and think. Recently that post was oneContinue reading “The Intersection of Technology and Humanity”

It’s Time to #DigCitCommit

Dear Teachers, The ISTE 2018 conference is now a fading memory. It’s always such a great experience to connect with other like-minded educators, overwhelming as it is. (Read about ISTE 2018 by the numbers here.) As you might expect, I spent no small amount of time talking #digcit with my nerdy friends from far andContinue reading “It’s Time to #DigCitCommit”

Accurate Reflections

Dear Teachers, Have you seen the recent reports about how selfies distort your face and make your nose look bigger? “Researchers now are cautioning that patients interested in cosmetic procedures should not turn to self-photographs as guidance when considering making changes to their faces,” says a recent CNN article. Even before selfies, I noticed aContinue reading “Accurate Reflections”

How We Grow into a #DigCitStateofMind

Dear Teachers, I’ve been thinking, as I so often do, about how my thinking about Digital Citizenship has evolved over time. I’ve noticed some patterns and similarities in the way that I and many other educators have grown in our understanding. So I cooked up this infographic to try to to describe what I’ve observed.Continue reading “How We Grow into a #DigCitStateofMind”

Adding to My Nerdiness…

Dear Teachers, I was invited to be a guest on Region 10’s Digital Radio Learning podcast. Let my 15 minutes of fame commence! Photo credit: Region 10 Digital Learning Radio. Podcast available at at  A quick recap of what we discussed: The terrific Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading program at Lamar University,Continue reading “Adding to My Nerdiness…”

Digital Citizenship for ALL Students!

This blog post has also been published on the Digital Equity Medium page. Dear Teachers, As a district-level Instructional Technology Specialist, I have the opportunity to travel to many campuses in my school district. I am a little partial to the schools where the staff closely reflects the makeup of its students. The math departmentContinue reading “Digital Citizenship for ALL Students!”