Digital Citizenship Lessons in Two Minutes or Less

Dear Teachers, I had the opportunity to be involved with Jennifer Casa-Todd and DOCTOR Sarah Thomas on a recent EduMatch tweet ‘n’ talk. If you’re not familiar with EduMatch, check it out at or on Twitter. Jennifer ( is a librarian and literacy expert extraordinaire, and she has written a wonderful book titled Social LEADia:Continue reading “Digital Citizenship Lessons in Two Minutes or Less”

How I Met Every ISTE Student Standard

Dear Teachers, “Please remember – This assignment is unique to you, your circumstances, and your organization so you need to keep in mind who your audience is, why and how they will use this information, and what impact you are looking to make.” Thus began the instructions on every single assignment I’ve completed in theContinue reading “How I Met Every ISTE Student Standard”

CLICK: The First Year

Dear Teachers, My plot to take over the world innovation project, CLICK, is a website of student-created technology tips, and honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of the progress it’s made over the past year. I started with just a glimmer of wanting to do “something” about what I saw as tremendous gaps in digitalContinue reading “CLICK: The First Year”

Reflecting on COVA and Creating Significant Learning Environments

Dear Teachers, In just a few short weeks I’ll have three additional letters after my name to signify my shiny new  Master of Education degree in Digital Learning and Leading. I have to say it’s been a pretty cool ride. The program all about giving learners COVA – that’s Choice, Ownership and Voice in AuthenticContinue reading “Reflecting on COVA and Creating Significant Learning Environments”

Making a Difference

Dear Teachers, At our district’s recent Ed Tech Success Initiative, we asked teachers the question, “Why did you even go into teaching in the first place?” and the first answer was, as it so often is, “To make a difference.” Curran Dee, Chief Kid Officer of DigCitKids, often quotes President Obama’s question, “How are youContinue reading “Making a Difference”

The Power of an Act of Kindness

Dear Teachers, Earlier this week I quietly marked a significant anniversary milestone: it was 50 years to the day that my father died. I exchanged a short text with my brother (“Thinking of you” “I’m thinking of you too”) and mentioned it to my husband, but otherwise the day passed by without much fanfare. I don’tContinue reading “The Power of an Act of Kindness”