More Updates on My Plan to Take Over the World

Dear Teachers, I’m coming to the end of another class for that Master’s program I’ve been plugging away at; in just a few days the current class will be over and I will be exactly halfway through the degree plan, with 6 classes down and 6 to go. This class has been “Digital Learning inContinue reading “More Updates on My Plan to Take Over the World”

Reflections on the Digital Citizenship Summit

Dear Teachers, Yesterday was a day I hope to remember for a long time. I had the extreme privilege of attending and speaking on a panel at the 2nd annual Digital Citizenship Summit and want to do some reflecting on that event while it’s all fresh in my mind. The Summit took place at TwitterContinue reading “Reflections on the Digital Citizenship Summit”

A Couple of PSAs for Digital Literacy

Dear Teachers, This week I’ve created a couple of presentations to gain support for my plan to take over the world to improve digital literacy through student-created content. Those of you who have been paying even a tiny bit of attention to me know that I am quite passionate about this topic, and the more IContinue reading “A Couple of PSAs for Digital Literacy”

Keys to Creating Significant Learning Environments

Dear Teachers, This week I’m wrapping up everything I’ve learned in the “Creating Significant Learning Environments” class that I’ve been in the past month or so. It’s been a great class, and I want to share with you what I’ve learned. I. A Growth Mindset Most of us know someone who has at some pointContinue reading “Keys to Creating Significant Learning Environments”

Digital Literacy & Digital Citizenship: By Design

Dear Teachers, This week’s topic for that grad program I keep writing about is “Creating Significant Learning Plans,” and I’m back in at least somewhat familiar territory. My district has been using Wiggins & McTighe’s Understanding by Design (2005) model of curriculum design for several years, so this week’s assignment to use UbD to planContinue reading “Digital Literacy & Digital Citizenship: By Design”

This Week’s Struggle: the BHAG

Dear Teachers, Remember last week when I wrote that “the person doing the work is the person doing the learning”? Well, I’ve apparently been doing a LOT of learning this week, as I once again have faced a challenging grad school topic. This blog has become my outlet for reflecting on All Things Grad School.Continue reading “This Week’s Struggle: the BHAG”

Today’s Learning Philosophy

Dear Teachers, Some of you know that many (MANY!) years ago, I was an Early Childhood teacher. In teacher school, I of course studied various teaching and learning philosophies and theories. Those theories led me to believe, as a brand-new preschool teacher, that “children learn by doing,” and I always had active classrooms with centers-basedContinue reading “Today’s Learning Philosophy”

Thoughts on A New Culture of Learning

I’m an Instructional Technology Specialist in my district. It’s a district-level Admin position, so I have the good fortune to see teachers of all kinds from pre-K through 12th grade. Ten years ago when I first started in my position, we had very specific training plans for our very specific technology tools, and teachers wereContinue reading “Thoughts on A New Culture of Learning”

Crucial Conversations about Digital Literacy

Dear Teachers, At last I am coming to the end of my current grad course. It’s been something of a brutal five weeks, with coursework that has been challenging to me in addition to my personal whirlwind of professional learning delivery, including multiple Google-related classes, three sessions at the Summer Elementary Academy, training, aContinue reading “Crucial Conversations about Digital Literacy”

Continuing Progress on that 50,000 Foot Plan

Dear Teachers, My current class on Disruptive Innovation in Education is coming to an end, and to steal a meme from one of my co-workers, I have felt for much of the class. For one thing, I am in general not a particularly disruptive person; for the most part I follow the rules and tryContinue reading “Continuing Progress on that 50,000 Foot Plan”