Reflecting on #ISTELive ’21

Dear Teachers, This past week I had the privilege to attend the virtual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education. As many participants noted, I missed the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals face-to-face, but I LOVED being able to attend sessions that were occurring simultaneously through the magic of video. BeingContinue reading “Reflecting on #ISTELive ’21”

Coaching Up Conditions for Creating a #DigCit State of Mind

Dear Teachers, In my previous post, I described the evolution of a project I started on a while back. Several years ago, I created an infographic that seemed to capture the experience of many of us in what I call the “digital citizenship conversation” regarding how teachers often evolve in their understanding of digital citizenship.Continue reading “Coaching Up Conditions for Creating a #DigCit State of Mind”

That #DigCit State of Mind Thing, 2.0

Dear Teachers, That whole pandemic thing really affected my blog-writing. I’ve started countless posts in the past year and a half or so, and very few of them were ever completed, let alone published. But things seem to be getting back to whatever “normal” is, so I’ve been feeling energized enough to get back toContinue reading “That #DigCit State of Mind Thing, 2.0”

Digital Citizenship in Remote Learning

Dear Teachers, What a whirlwind of learning we’ve all be thrown into in the past couple of weeks! Few of us were prepared to start executing the emergency remote teaching we’ve had to learn so quickly, and those of us who have had ANY experience with distance learning courses know how much goes into theContinue reading “Digital Citizenship in Remote Learning”

Why Social Media Should Be More Like Yoga

Dear Teachers, When I’m not delivering professional development or talking/thinking/dreaming about digital citizenship, I’m either reading, walking my dog, or doing yoga. Yesterday at yoga, I got an inspiration for this blog post: let’s make social media more like yoga! If you’re scratching your head a bit at that thought, allow me to explain. MyContinue reading “Why Social Media Should Be More Like Yoga”

Wanna Help Me Build Something Cool?

Dear Teachers, For years now, I have wanted to build an app for Digital Citizenship, one that would give teachers a variety of simple activities and talking points for doing that “seamless integration into what you’re doing anyway” that we in the #DigCit world always talk about. I was thinking that I would develop itContinue reading “Wanna Help Me Build Something Cool?”