Digital Citizenship in Remote Learning

Dear Teachers, What a whirlwind of learning we’ve all be thrown into in the past couple of weeks! Few of us were prepared to start executing the emergency remote teaching we’ve had to learn so quickly, and those of us who have had ANY experience with distance learning courses know how much goes into theContinue reading “Digital Citizenship in Remote Learning”

Why Social Media Should Be More Like Yoga

Dear Teachers, When I’m not delivering professional development or talking/thinking/dreaming about digital citizenship, I’m either reading, walking my dog, or doing yoga. Yesterday at yoga, I got an inspiration for this blog post: let’s make social media more like yoga! If you’re scratching your head a bit at that thought, allow me to explain. MyContinue reading “Why Social Media Should Be More Like Yoga”

Wanna Help Me Build Something Cool?

Dear Teachers, For years now, I have wanted to build an app for Digital Citizenship, one that would give teachers a variety of simple activities and talking points for doing that “seamless integration into what you’re doing anyway” that we in the #DigCit world always talk about. I was thinking that I would develop itContinue reading “Wanna Help Me Build Something Cool?”

A #DigCit Groundswell… I Hope!

Dear Teachers, I gotta admit that sometimes I feel like a lone voice shouting into the void with this digital citizenship thing I always go on about. I feel like I’ve been that little whack-a-mole person popping up annoyingly to say, “Yoo-hoo, over here – digital citizenship is important, remember? Don’t forget to talk toContinue reading “A #DigCit Groundswell… I Hope!”

On Digital Citizenship and Free Speech

Dear Teachers, It’s back to school time, and I was THRILLED to have an opportunity this past Monday to address our secondary teachers on my favorite topic. Back in December, I had been asked to put the event on my calendar, and I had assumed it would be the usual “three rotations, expect 25ish peopleContinue reading “On Digital Citizenship and Free Speech”

Growing Digital Citizens as We Grow Ourselves

Dear Teachers, When teachers hear the term “digital citizenship”  and want to know more about that topic, they often begin with some kind of interest in addressing cyberbullying. Cyberbullying and other risks of the Internet – computer viruses, identity theft, phishing, etc. – are legitimate concerns, of course, and our students certainly need to beContinue reading “Growing Digital Citizens as We Grow Ourselves”