Getting Sneaky About Digital Citizenship

Dear Teachers, I met with a librarian friend of mine today to brainstorm ways to get digital citizenship embedded in lots of different areas of her school. She confided to me that she wanted to INFILTRATE her school with her digital citizenship efforts. Isn’t that a great word? I mean, seriously: unless you are leadingContinue reading “Getting Sneaky About Digital Citizenship”

Digital Literacy and the “Fake News” Epidemic

Dear Teachers, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the “fake news” phenomenon. Maybe it’s because I’m a [former] librarian; maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with the whole digital literacy thing, but I don’t think it’s only because fake news is in the headlines a lot lately. A friend recently told me she thoughtContinue reading “Digital Literacy and the “Fake News” Epidemic”

Action Research: Measuring the Plan

Dear Teachers, Yes, here it is again: another update in my plan to take over the world improve digital literacy in as many places as I can. The most recent class in my grad program has been about designing a plan for measuring the results of our respective innovation plans. For this leg of theContinue reading “Action Research: Measuring the Plan”

Expanding on the Grand Plan for Digital Literacy

Media literacy. Website evaluation. Digital vocabulary. Reputation management. Digital self-control. Basic troubleshooting strategies. These are all important skills and concepts- along with many others – that students need to know in order to be successful in today’s digital world. Some students may learn these skills through trial and error, or because they have parents orContinue reading “Expanding on the Grand Plan for Digital Literacy”

More Updates on My Plan to Take Over the World

Dear Teachers, I’m coming to the end of another class for that Master’s program I’ve been plugging away at; in just a few days the current class will be over and I will be exactly halfway through the degree plan, with 6 classes down and 6 to go. This class has been “Digital Learning inContinue reading “More Updates on My Plan to Take Over the World”

Reflections on the Digital Citizenship Summit

Dear Teachers, Yesterday was a day I hope to remember for a long time. I had the extreme privilege of attending and speaking on a panel at the 2nd annual Digital Citizenship Summit and want to do some reflecting on that event while it’s all fresh in my mind. The Summit took place at TwitterContinue reading “Reflections on the Digital Citizenship Summit”

A Couple of PSAs for Digital Literacy

Dear Teachers, This week I’ve created a couple of┬ápresentations to gain support for my plan to take over the world to improve digital literacy through student-created content. Those of you who have been paying even a tiny bit of attention to me know that I am quite passionate about this topic, and the more IContinue reading “A Couple of PSAs for Digital Literacy”