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Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy are my twin passions! Digital Citizenship has many definitions and is often thought of in terms of cyber bullying, but there is so much more to it than that! From “the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use” to “being safe, savvy, and ethical online,” digital citizenship encompasses a wide range of attitudes and behaviors that are essential for living in today’s world.

I will serve as the co-chair of ISTE’s Digital Citizenship PLN for 2017. Julie Paddock, my co-chair, and I are committed to promoting a “#DigCit State of Mind,” as opposed to presenting digital citizenship as a separate curriculum.

I am an associate of the Digital Citizenship Institute and was thrilled to be a panelist at the 2nd annual #digcitsummit in San Francisco in October 2016. See this link for more info about the Summit, and you can watch the Media Literacy panel here:


Improving Digital Literacy Through Student-Created Content is a project that Lamar University’s graduate program in Digital Learning and Leading has enabled me to bring to life. CLICK is a developing website of student-created technology tips that allows students to learn and practice digital literacy and digital citizenship through the creation and viewing of the content.

Join me in addressing digital citizenship and digital literacy in your situation and becoming a digital culture change agent! Our students deserve nothing less.

Some of my blog posts about digital citizenship (these are my favorites):

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