In 2014, our district started a summer Professional Learning event that we at that time called the Educational Technology Summer Institute. or ETSI. After the three-day event concluded, we knew we needed to capitalize on its momentum and the enthusiasm that had been generated among all the teachers. We kept the acronym, and ETSI became Ed Tech Success Initiative. The goal has been to develop ed tech leadership capacity in all our schools.

We have recently completed our fifth annual ETSI. With the help of curriculum coordinators and attendee feedback, we have improved the content and delivery each year. We continue to attract outstanding and innovative teachers in our district who are expected to work with their principal and other ETSI attendees to share their learning with other teachers on their campuses. We have high expectations for the impact that ETSI will have on our teachers, not only those who attend ETSI, but also those who reap the benefits of having access to “ETSI-fied” teachers as campus resources.

Click here for ETSI resources


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