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Educational Technology Success Initiative (ETSI), August 2016

Our district’s 3rd annual Ed Tech Success Initiative, or ETSI, is a multi-day professional learning experience for teachers focusing on the theory and practice of appropriate technology integration. Teachers learn and share their knowledge of new apps and websites, acquire leadership skills, and work with their principals and other campus ETSI members to work for organizational change. Our ETSI promotional video, produced by my co-worker Clara, is here.
Co-planners: Clara Alaniz, Harriet Bell, Fern Johnson, Leah Heerema

Plano ISD Summer Elementary Academy, July 2016: Digital Literacy: Not “Just One More Thing”

Digital literacy and digital citizenship need to be woven into the curriculum, not just delivered as one-shot lessons that happen with no relationship to the rest of what the students are learning. Come to this session to learn how the PISD technology and curriculum departments are collaborating to encourage every teacher in every classroom to address digital literacy skills on a regular basis.
Co-presenter: Mary Swinton.

Plano ISD Summer Elementary Academy, July 2016: Incorporating Technology to Support Guided Reading Experiences

Technology integration involves so much more than using programs like Istation and Destination Success. Come to this interactive session to learn how to enhance and extend your Guided Reading lessons with engaging technology. Session website is here.
Co-presenter: Margaret Dyer.

Plano ISD Summer Elementary Academy, July 2016: Increase Your Tech-Knowledge-y Skills

This class, designed for “tech timid” teachers, will focus on the WHY of technology integration. Teachers will learn several easy-to-use tools and how to use them to maximize their students’ learning, and will leave this session feeling more comfortable using technology in your classroom.
Co-presenter: Leah Heerema.

ISTE, June 2016: Tech it Better: Best Practices in Technology Professional Learning (Premium Session)

Using the ISTE standards as a foundation and incorporating technology integration models such as SAMR and TPACK, we empower educators to create meaningful learning experiences in their situations. Digital resources will be seamlessly integrated into the session while keeping the focus on the learning objectives. This session models appropriate adult learning techniques by incorporating choice, active learning experiences, and reflection time. Effective communication and collaboration will be modeled through hands-on use of digital age tools. Participants will improve their professional practice and be equipped to implement the concepts and tools in their own schools. Additionally, participants will be prepared to share their learning and become leaders within their school and professional community. Session website is here.
Co-presenters: Clara Alaniz, Leah Heerema, Fern Johnson

Multiple sessions on Google Apps for Education (GAFE), June-July 2016

Basic Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Keep, and Stop Motion Animation with Google Slides classes kept me busy this summer!

Techs4Tex Summit, May 2016 (aka “TxGoo”): A Beginner’s Guide to Google Docs

Three sessions for beginners who are looking to build their confidence and get Goo-ing with Docs. These slow-paced sessions cover converting Office docs, adjusting sharing settings, and much more.
Co-presenters: Leah Heerema, Fern Johnson

TCEA, February 2016, and Region 10 ESC Tech Conference, May 2016: Chromify Your Workspace 

There are so many ways to customize Chrome. Learn how to refine your settings and add Apps, Extensions, and Themes to create a personalized space and add new users so that Chrome can be unique for each user on shared workstations.
Co-presenters: Clara Alaniz, Leah Heerema

TCEA, February 2016: Cook Up Meaningful Tech PDH With These Delicious Ingredients

Are you tired of canned PDH? Are you looking for something fresh and maybe a little spicy? In this session you’ll learn to cook up some delicious, meaningful professional learning that your staff will eat right up. Using TPACK and SAMR as your recipes, we can help you mix in UbD and technology best practices to transform instruction while keeping curriculum content as the main dish!
Co-presenters: Clara Alaniz, Leah Heerema

Library Expo, October 2015: Tech Up Your LibrARy with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is digital technology that brings information to life in real time! In this hands-on session, you will learn about several different Augmented Reality apps, and then explore ways you could use them in your library. Come smash some apps with us and make your library come alive in ways that will knock your users’ socks off – virtually, of course!
Co-presenter: Nicole Geiler

North Texas Visioning Consortium, July 2015: Professional Learning that Inspires and Transforms

Region 10 Tech Conference, May 2015: Hitting the Jackpot with Three of a Kind




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